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Conductive Rubber Coil


  • $25.00

Our conductive rubber tubes have a solid wire inside to hold their shape. Coil it around your cock – and it stays! Can be used in pairs or with any other monopolar electrode, including an ECup, FlexProbe, or CockCap

Bananas to Pin adapter is included for plug-n-play connection to any ErosTek Power Unit.

Sold individually. Select "Thin" or "Thick" tubing in the Size selector above.

Consider the Conductive Rubber Combo 4 Pack to get one of each style and save some money.

This conductive rubber tube is durable, smooth, and very conductive.

It is available in THICK or THIN tube:

  • THICK — 6.5mm OD x 1.75mm ID 
  • THIN — 4.0mm OD x 1.75mm ID

OD = outside diameter / ID = inside diameter 

Apply some water-based lube on your skin and along the surface of the tube to ensure good conductivity. Clean up with soap and water. Avoid harsh chemicals or bleach.

These are monopolar (single electrode) devices and must be used in a pair or with another monopolar electrode accessory to allow currrent to flow.


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