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BiPolar Electro Acrylic Ball Vise

Paddle Daddy

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How it Works

This device is made of solid acrylic with two (2) soft rubber knobs and a durable circuit board contact area for long, trouble-free operation. It is made from two (2) panels hinged together at the top with an access hole in each. The back panel is black and has a hole through which you place your ball sac and then your cock — in that order — just like a cockring. The front panel is clear and has a slightly smaller hole through which only your cock comes through. The knobs spin freely up and down the threaded screws mounted to the base and hold the top plate in place with any pressure you want — from mild contact to smashed flat. It's easy to adjust the amount of tension simply by turning the knobs. And it's easy to loosen up and stop stimming whenever you want without having to remove the vise completely. Taking a break allows your balls to rest up for another round. And another.

Durable, Low-Profile Design

The two (2) interlaced electrodes are etched from a solid copper circuit board and then plated to resist corrosion. There is no worry of them lifting off like adhesive backed foils. The conductive surface provides a perfect place to spread some water-based lube, maximizing electrical conduction with the bottom side of your balls. The contact strips are permanently-bonded to two (2) individual banana jacks which are fixed inside the back plate with lead wire connections along the bottom edge. There are no binding posts to break off or come loose. This unit is durable and low-profile and feels great! 


If you like to feel an intense sensation in your balls, you can connect the vise to one (1) output channel as a bipolar electrode and control the intensity using one of the level controls. Or you can use the electrodes in a split arrangement, pairing each with any other electrode you've placed on the cock on inside the butt. Great results have been had in this manner pairing the ball vise with a CockCap and a FlexProbe. In either case, you have room to experiment and find what feels right for you.

The BiPolar Acrylic Ball Vise has two (2) 4mm banana jacks making it ready to connect to any ErosTek Power Unit without the need for additional adapters.


Select a back plate diameter that is the same or next size larger diameter as a metal or hard rubber cockring. The back plate hole passes both your cock and balls through, and you're aiming for a snug but comfortable fit.

  • Back Plate Hole: 2.00" (51 mm) diameter
  • Front Plate Hole: 1.75" (45 mm) diameter
  • Back Plate Hole: 2.25" (57 mm) diameter
  • Front Plate Hole: 1.75" (45 mm) diameter

Product Details:

  • Length: 7.00" (178 mm)
  • Width: 5.00" (127 mm) 
  • Height: 3.00" (76 mm) overall
  • Weight: 1.20 lbs (550 grams)
  • BiPolar with (2) 4mm banana jacks 
  • Made in USA

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