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ErosTek ElectroBand ST5102


  • $49.00

Our ElectroBands have been sold to thousands of satisfied customers all over the world.

We include a medical-grade snap connector for each ElectroBand for a reliable connection to the power source. Works well with all of our ErosTek power units in addition to ordinary TENS units with the appropriate adapters. The conductive elastic band and snap adapter become a simple, comfortable, and highly-effective way of stimulating the cock, balls, or cock and balls together. Simply moisten the band, place it around your cock, adjust the band for desired tension, and flip the latch closed. The low-profile allows for easy wearing under clothing, jock-strap, or fetish gear (rubber, leather, whatever).

For maximum conductivity, get your E-Bands wet under running water and then wring out before putting on and adjusting to fit snugly. You can also use any water-based lube or Spectra 360 Conductive Gel to enhance the sensations.

If you've never tried the E-Bands, now is the time. One of the most popular and useful electro toys ever!


  • (2) Adjustable ElectroBands (aka "EBands)
  • (2) Banana to Snap adapters

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