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FlexStim Electrodes 2.00" x 4.00" 4 pack


  • $16.00

FlexStim electrodes have a thick, hypoallergenic aloe enriched gel over a highly-conductive silver film on foam, for the ultimate in smooth stimulation and reusability. Their innovative "starburst" pattern below the gel surface produces even better current dispersion than our previous premium gels.

These top-quality gel electrodes adhere anyplace you want -- on the cock, balls, inner thigh, you name it. Simply wash and dry the area you want to stimulate, peel the electrode from its reusable film backing, and apply. Each style comes in a variety of shapes, with the smallest producing the most intense sensations when coupled with the larger pads. Not compatible with lube.

Includes: (4) FlexStim Gel electrodes, 2.00" x 4.00"

All pad electrodes have a 2mm TENS-style connection. You'll need one or more sets of our Bananas to Pins Adapters to connect these to your ErosTek power unit. 

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