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CockCap 3.0


  • $99.00

Improved Design!

Our latest CockCap 3.0 design is an improved version of our best-selling CockCap 2.0, made in collaboration with Electrified Experiences

1-Piece Design features a permanently welded stem assembly for added stability during even the most intense e-stim sessions. Added wall thickness creates a smoother open edge.

Formed from satin-smooth 100% stainless-steel for durability and excellent conductivity. Hypo-allergenic. Easy to maintain. Made to last.


A rugged stainless-steel barrel connector attaches to any standard 4mm banana plug lead wire, like the ones included with all of our Power Units. The CockCap creates a strong vacuum-like sensation around the entire cock head which makes it possible for many to cum without stroking. A Hands-Free Orgasm is possible using this electrode.

It's an amazing feeling. You can stroke along with the stim if you want – the latex condom provides a thin insulating layer between your hand and your cock, further intensifying the sensation.


  • 2.00" outside diameter at opening
  • 1.00" inside diameter at top
  • 1.75" overall length


    • (1) CockCap 3.0 stainless-steel electrode
    • (1) Rubber tube to secure condom
    • (10) Black latex condoms

    Note: This electrode is monopolar. It must be used with another electrode to complete an electrical circuit. I personally use mine with the ECup, however, you can use any monopolar electrode you like to achieve a new set of erotic sensations.

    Replacement Replacement Rubber Tubes are also available.

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