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ErosTek ~ Testimonials

"Thanks for your order and following through with the delivery of your products — Unbelievable!!! Within minutes of opening your package, I gave it all a good working over. I am pleased to tell you everything I ordered exceeded expectation. I would like to say your customer service and packaging is beyond what I expected. You truly deliver.

Thanks again for your recommendations, delivery, reliability and outstanding product."

- David in Australia

"Thanks to all at ErosTek! This ET232 is... PRETTY DARNED FUN!!! My friends think so too! (Wait a minute. I only invited two close friends. Why are there about two dozen folks in my house... and WHY is there a line of people around the block knocking on my front door?!?!)

Someone remind me to send ErosTek a Christmas card this year."

– Mark H. in Texas

"Just got my 312b.. It is fantastic.  HFO first session.  Used TENS and medical EMS before -- the 312 is far superior in every way.  Complements on what is now my favorite toy."
– Mark 

"I want to thank you for the most WONDERFUL customer service. My new unit arrived today."
– Rob in Hollywood 

"I was home from work this Monday for the Holiday and was pleasantly surprised to receive a phone call from your office saying an item was backordered and what my wishes were regarding the other item. I accepted the backordered status and received the shipment today. I was reminded of the quality of your service by the very nice packaging used. I know it's a small detail, but it I look forward to future purchases just to open the letter with the invoice and the sealed wrapping papers. Next up will likely be an adapter which I should have included in this order and the Windows software for convenient downloading of waveforms....."
– Randy in Seattle

"WOW! That was quick! Now, in addition to bragging about my ET-312B unit, I can also brag about ErosTek's GREAT customer service! Thank you so much!"
– Robert from Indiana

"Thank you for the follow up email! I am very happy with the purchase and plan to spend some more with Erostek in the near future. The service and follow up is awesome."
– Dennis Y. from California

"Thanks for your prompt shipment of my recent order.  I am thoroughly enjoying the new experiences!"
- Ron H.

"I've had my ET312 for a few weeks now. I have to let you all know that it is out of this world, and worth every penny! I had been using the PES powerbox for the past year. A friend told me about this website and how this box was light years above my PES box. Well, he was spot on. Thank you so much for making a wonderful product that has well exceeded my expectations. The great part is I know that I've only scratched the surface on what the ET312 can do. I go to say the TRI-PHASE is awesome!! Thanks again."
- Julian from North Carolina

"The ET-312 continues to amaze me!  A couple of nights I was EXACTLY on the edge of orgasm for almost an hour -- I couldn't believe what was happening!"
- David S. from Boston

"Thanks so much for the notification; more importantly for taking the time to write.  Seems these days, Internet sales can be quite sterile and non-personal.  Thanks again."
- James from Texas

"Thanks for the excellent service, clear communication, and quick turnaround."
- Kevin from Indiana

"I received my ET-312 and am really enjoying it.  I used to have a PES unit and there is no comparison.  I'm really impressed with the thought that went into the design of the unity.  ErosTek has a winner for sure."  
- Rick from California

"Thanks for your speedy service and the email follow-up process you used.  I DO appreciate it."  
- John from Washington

"Thank you for a VERY thorough reply.  It's greatly appreciated."
- Sue from New Jersey

"Holy crap, now there's service. Shipped in an hour. Thanks."
- Steve from Illinois

"Our order arrived today, thank you very much.  You folks have the best customer service I have ever experienced!  Please pass this along to your staff and management.  Thanks again Chris!"
- Joe D. from North Carolina

"Thank you for the great service and the fastest order processing I ever had!"
- Matthias in Germany