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Replacement Pots for ErosTek ET312 RP302

Replacement Pots for ET312


  • $10.00

Need to replace your worn out ET312B output level controls? If so, these are the ones you'll need.

This kit includes (2) potentiometers (or "pots") used for Channels A and B on every ET312B.

The original MultiAdjust pot is no longer in production and is NOT included. Thankfully, they see a lot less abuse and hardly ever wear out.

You'll need to desolder the old pots from the board and solder these news ones in their place. If you have the tools and skill, you're set. Most electronics repair shops can do this kind of repair for a nominal fee especially when you provide them with the correct replacement parts. 


(2) Output Level Potentiometers for the ET312B
MA pot is not included.

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