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Tri-Phase Adapter


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The ET312B and MK-312BT power units hav a feature called TriPhase Stimulation in which three electrodes are used to deliver a total of three separate and totally independent stimulus signals to the body at one time! Sounds complicated? It is definitely a science, involving the real-time manipulation of waveform data to produce a sweeping phase shift between the channels, which the body receives as another source of stimulation, which would normally require 3 pairs of electrodes, or 6 wires! But in the case of the ET312 or MK-312BT, these 3 signals are transferred across only 3 wires.

Our TriPhase Adapter makes it easy to experience this unique feature.

Constructed of two (2) sturdy injection-molded 4mm banana jacks bonded to a single 4mm banana plug, this improved design allows you to convert your existing lead wires into a TriPhase cable whenever you want.

Simple to Use!

Simply grab a pair of Deluxe Leadwires or Output Leadwires and plug the black wires from each into the jacks of TriPhase adapter jacks to create a "common" return path between the output channels. 

Time to Experiment!

Connect the resulting 3 wires however you want. It's fun to connect a larger electrode (like the ECup) to the common lead created by the TriPhase Adapter and attach the other leads (Channel A and B) to a CockCap and a monopolar (FlexProbe) or a single surface of a bipolar butt plug (Moaner or MJ). You can mix it up any way you like. 

While the TriPhase Adapter was designed to be used with the ET312B and MK-312BT power units in one of the Phase modes, you can also use it with other power units to add some SPICE to your STIM!


(1) TriPhase Adapter

 Lead wires shown for illustration only — not included

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