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ErosTek ErosLink ET312B Software for Windows

ErosLink Software for Windows


  • $49.00

Compatible with Windows 10

There is no need to upgrade from a previous version of ErosLink. The current version (1.1a) installs and works with Windows 10.

Digital Download

digital file download option is included during checkout. Great for computers without a CD/DVD drive. 

Software for your Hardware

If you already own an ErosTek ET312B Power Unit, this is one option you will not want to pass up! ErosLink allows you to do several amazing things, including:

  • Load new routines (25 included on CD)
  • Download additional routines
  • Change existing routines
  • Create completely new routines
  • Interact with a running routine in real-time

ErosLink for Windows comes with a custom molded serial cable for direct connection to an available serial port, an installation CD, electronic user guide (integrated into the program and viewed using any web browser), and several new factory routines to experiment with and download into your ET-312. The possibilities are limited only to your imagination.

Now runs on Vista through Windows 10.

USB Support on Windows Computers:

ErosLink has been found 100% compatible with our FTDI-based USB to Serial Adapter. The main benefit of using such an adapter is convenience, especially if the serial ports on your computer are already being used by other peripherals. Find the latest USB drivers here.

This version works only with the ET312B on Microsoft Windows.


      • Serial Cable (DB9 to stereo 3.5mm plug)
      • Software CD
      • Digital Download (at checkout and via email)
      • Online Users Guide

Requires serial (COM) port or compatible USB to Serial Adapter

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