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ET302R Remote Power Unit


  • $499.00


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100% Remote Controlled

2 Independent Output Channels

Imagine a device that slips into your pocket and is completely controlled by a tiny 4-button remote control for portable, public, and BDSM fun. The ErosTek ET302R dual-channel remote-controlled power unit is the only one of its kind to offer legendary ErosTek routines in a small, easily hidden receiver / transmitter pair.

The power unit is small (3.75" x 2.25" x 1") and easy to take wherever you go. The transmitter is even smaller and looks like a car alarm keyfob more than anything else. Discreet? Very!

You get a 100% remote-controlled e-stim unit, designed exclusively for erotic purposes, by ErosTek, the leader in digital erotic e-stim!


  • Full Function Remote - Prevents tampering with adjustments for BDSM use

  • 10 Modes - Allows a wide variety of stimulation from erotic to BDSM training

  • Built In Sensitive Microphone - Allows creative audio-based stimulation

  • Lighted Display - Allows easy operation even in low light & exact settings

  • Glow-in-the-Dark Label - Makes for easy reference in daylight or night

  • Up To 100' Maximum Range - Easily covers most play areas

  • Compact Design - The main unit is small enough to be "worn" on the body

  • High Intensity - More intensity than TENS units and most competing products

  • Auto Shut Off - Saves the battery if you forget to turn it off

  • Medical-Grade Bipolar Waveform - Feels better and enhances safety

  • Highly Compatible - Nearly all erotic e-stim accessories plug right in

  • Multiple Remote Codes - Prevents interference with other units

  • High Quality Construction - Start of the art technology for small size and long life



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