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ErosTek Link Cable for ET312

Link Cable for ET312

  • $19.00

Allows one ErosTek ET312B power unit to control another, for 4 channels of synchronized stimulation. Made from the finest-quality shielded cables for best data signal transmission. Connects via the "Link" jack on both units. This cable is beige in color to distinguish it from the Stereo Audio Cable which is black. The wiring has been crossed-over in the Link Cable — that's what makes it "special."

Note: The Link adapter cannot be used with ErosLink software at the same time, since it utilizes the Link jack in order to operate.

Requires (2) ET312B Power Units.

Linking Procedure:

To link two ET312s, first turn both units OFF and connect the Link jacks together using the optional ErosTek Link Cable:

  1. Turn both units ON.
  2. Select the “Link Slave Unit?” option on the master unit from the MENU options. '=
  3. Once the link is established, "Linked" is displayed and the master unit may now be used normally and the slave unit will “mirror” its actions.
  4. If an error is displayed, turn both units OFF and back ON to try again.

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