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MJ BiPolar Buttplug

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Here we have the MJ BiPolar ButtPlug. Hand-crafted in the UK from solid aluminum, this smooth satin-finished wonder is easy to insert and works like a charm. It's a longer version of the popular Moaner BiPolar Buttplug

Being a bipolar, it has 2 electrode surfaces built in: one at the flanged base, and another at the top. These electrodes are electrically separated by resin insulating neck that gives the plug a solid, smooth and finished feel. A recessed stainless-steel bolt joins the top and base together for a secure fit that gives it a Lifetime Warranty. 

Connects to our power units using the standard 4mm banana plug leadwires which come included with every ErosTek Power Unit.

Includes a set of our ST2018 Low-Profile Banana Plugs so you can sit down — or wear it under gear — comfortably. 



Overall Length: 5.30" (135 mm) Long

Insulator Length: 0.75" (19 mm) Long

Base Diameter:  2.00" (50 mm) 

Head Diameter: 1.50" (38 mm)

Circumference: 4.70" (120 mm)


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