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2B Premium Pack

E-Stim Systems

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Solid Power Made in the UK

The 2B Premium Pack E-Stim Power Unit combines the 2B Power Unit and 2B Accessory Pack to give you the best experience with the most popular options including extra lead wires, worldwide AC Adapter, USB digital link cable, stereo audio cable and more. 

It's a small, modern power unit that is well-built, easy to use and has excellent stereo audio processing. It's a great portable that literally jumps to life when powered by the included AC adapter. 

It has 2 power levels - Low and High. Low power (the default) is an easy entry point for beginners. High power offers higher output levels for those with experience or powering electrodes with larger surfaces.


The 2B has connections for Outputs A and B (3.5mm mono jack) that allow connection to one of the supplied lead wires, with terminals having a smaller 2mm TENS pin or larger 4mm banana plug, the same standard used by ErosTek Power Units. 

It also has an Audio Input / Digital Link jack (3.5mm stereo jack) that connects to either the supplied Stereo Audio Cable or USB Digital Link Interface Cable. The Audio Input is used to connect to the headphone output of your music player (computer, iPhone, iPod, etc.) to turn music into e-stim. 

Digital Link allows connection to any Windows, Mac or Linux computer for updating the unit's firmware or allowing remote session control using the supplied Commander3 software (supplied on included USB stick). This allows for remote control between internet-connected machines and recording and playback of sessions in real-time. 

There is also a DC Input Jack for connection to the supplied AC Adapter. Connecting the adapter increases the output levels available and offers unlimited runtime for those longer edge/bate and training sessions. 


Each output channel is electrically isolated and independent –  the gold-standard for e-stim power units – the same standard shared by ErosTek Power Units.

The output levels automatically reset to OFF whenever the mode is changed or the unit is switched ON or OFF. This prevents any sudden changes in output intensity during mode changes.

The 2B is powered by a 9-volt battery or the supplied worldwide AC adapter. The supplied  AC adapter is approved for use in US, UK, EU and other countries with plugs to fit US/Canada, EU, UK and AU (Australian) power outlets.

2B is CE-compliant, making it easy to ship to EU countries.

CE mark


Channels/ Outputs 2 independent and isolated outputs
3.5mm mono jacks for lead wire connection
Display Blue Backlit Dot-Matrix LCD
Blue LED shows activity of each output channel
Program Modes 17
Audio Modes 2
Audio Internal Microphone
Stereo Audio via 3.5mm Input Jack
Input Specification 33KΩ  / 500mV
Controls Output Levels for Channels A and B
Mode Select Button
Adjustment Control Knob
Output Waveform Low-Duty Cycle Alternating Current (AC)
PC, Mac and
Internet Control
Yes via an internet connected PC or Mac
Includes USB Digital Link Interface Cable
Power Supply Standard 9 Volt Alkaline (PP3)
100 - 240 VAC Worldwide AC
Includes plugs for US/Canada, UK, EU and AU
2B Dimensions  5.75" x 3.25" x 2.0"
145mm x 80mm x 50mm
Weight 1.0 lb (500g)

2B Power Unit
AC Adapter (see Power Supply above)
(4) Gel Pad Electrodes
(2) 2mm Output Cables
(2) 4mm Output Cables
3.5mm Stereo Audio Cable
USB Digital Link Interface Cable
4GB USB Stick
9-volt Alkaline Battery
Padded Carry Case
User Guide

Warranty Manufacturer's Lifetime 

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