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CockCap 2.0


  • $99.00

Our latest CockCap design is the result of months of prototyping and testing various shapes and sizes to get a perfect fit for almost any cock. The deeper well tapers from 2.0" to 1.0" in diameter, with extra surface area for maximum current transfer. It's lightweight, durable and it FEELS GREAT too. 

Made in the USA from solid 18 gauge Alloy 304 stainless-steel for durability and superior conductivity. Not plated or painted. Hypo-allergenic. Made to last.


Rugged stainless-steel fittings for easy and reliable connection to any ErosTek Power Unit. The CockCap produces a strong sucking sensation around the entire cock head which makes it possible for many to cum without stroking. A Hands-Free Orgasm is possible using this electrode.

It's an amazing feeling. You can stroke along with the stim if you want – the latex condom provides a thin insulating layer between your hand and your cock, further intensifying the sensation.



  • 2.00" outside diameter at opening
  • 1.00" inside diameter at top
  • 1.75" overall length


    • (1) CockCap 2.0 stainless-steel electrode
    • (1) CockCap Stem Assembly
    • (1) Rubber tube to secure condom
    • (10) Black latex condoms

    Note: This electrode is monopolar. It must be used with another electrode to complete an electrical circuit. I personally use mine with the ECup, however, you can use any monopolar electrode you like to achieve a new set of erotic sensations.

    Replacement Replacement Rubber Tubes and CockCap Stem Assemblies are available in our Spare Parts collection.

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