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Conductive Rubber PerfectPair 2 Pack


  • $45.00
  • Save $10

We’ve combined our 2 best-selling conductive rubber electrodes into a single pack, for your savings and convenience.

We call it the PerfectPair.

Save $6 when buying this combination instead of each one separately.

The Thin Loop feels great anywhere along the shaft or right under the cock head. It has a button operated slide that allows for easy adjustment. 

The Thick Coil works well wrapped around the base of the scrotum like a cockring. It has a copper wire inside allowing it to be coiled into any shape.

Our conductive rubber tube is durable, smooth, and very conductive.

Bananas to Pins adapters are included and already installed for plug-n-play connection to any ErosTek Power Unit.

Apply any water-based gel on your skin and along the surface of the tubes to ensure good conductivity. Clean up with soap and water.

Avoid harsh chemicals or bleach.

What you'll get:

OD = outside diameter

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