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ET232 Power Unit


  • $349.00

A Powerful Portable!

Don't let its small size fool you. This dual-channel unit has a wide range of power and is perhaps the easiest power unit to get started with e-stim. It has features not found in any other portable e-stim unit including:

  • Audio to e-stim with built-in microphone and audio input jack. Sums left and right channels into mono. Endlessly expand your options via audio.
  • 2 independent output channels for amazing sensations. More erotic than other units which have a single channel feeding both outputs.
  • Intuitive MultiAdjust (MA) control provides real-time adjustment of mode tempo and frequency using a single knob.
  • 14 factory routines available: just turn the knob.
  • Special High Frequency (HiFreq) mode for low-level erotic stimulation (300 Hz max frequency)
  • Includes Universal AC Adapter and 9 volt battery
  • Optional AU Mains Plug allows for easy use in Australia
  • 2 sets of 52" Long Output Leadwires with factory molded 4mm banana plugs
  • Bananas to Pins Adapters available (not included) to connect TENS accessories 
  • Small size (3.3" x 4.4" x 1.5") makes it easy to use and pack for travel
  • 1-Year ErosTek Warranty

Designed and Made in the USA!  

Tested and approved for sale in the European Union (EU). 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much power does it have?

 A: The ErosTek ET232 has more power than a TENS unit and slightly lower maximum output than our ET312B. Its routines are designed for erotic e-stim which makes it far better than a common TENS unit, and it's easy access to modes, levels, and speed (MA) makes it super-easy to operate, even for beginners.


Q: How does the 232 differ from your other products?

 A: The ET232 works great as a solo e-stim device where easy access to modes and levels is preferred and complements the ET312 with its smaller size and newly designed factory routines. Many die-hard ET312 users also have an ET232 for added variety. Its small size makes it easy to take e-stim anywhere. The ET232 makes a great introduction to e-stim. It's easy to use and can be taken anywhere with its 9-volt battery and included universal 100-240 VAC adapter. The ET312 adds features such as TriPhase, advanced stereo audio and wavefile processing, LCD display, user-defined slow ramp, longer-life rechargeable battery, and higher power output. These features come at a higher cost, in a larger and heavier case, with an additional learning curve required to get the most out of it.


Q: Can I use stereo .wav files with the ET232?

 A: The ET232 accepts audio through its Audio input. You'll need a Stereo Audio Cable to connect external audio devices to your ET232. Keep in mind that the ET232 combines the left and right channels of stereo tracks to mono, so you'll have wide-range of AudioStim effects, but for full stereo stim, our ET312B is the best way to go.

Wanna dive a bit deeper before you decide? The ET232 User Guide is available for download.

Your ET232 is waiting for you.

Includes a Universal AC adapter with US/Canada, EU and UK mains plugs. Works on 100-240 VAC / 50-60 Hz. Can be used in other countries with a simple clip-on adapter.

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