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ECup with Neoprene Jock - XL


  • $179.00

XL Waist (38 -40")

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A 100% surf suit neoprene jock with our exclusive ECup cast aluminum hard cup is an ideal “common” electrode. Pair it with our CockCap 2.0 for incredible hands-free orgasms.

Video: See it in Action — Stim Show: Episode 1

The ECup has a generous 1.75" (45 mm) diameter / 5.50" (140 mm) circumference opening for your cock so it can accommodate a wide variety of sizes. 

    The ElectroCup is an ErosTek exclusive product that is one of my favorite electrodes, especially when paired with the CockCap 2.0. Its large conductive surface allows it to act as a "silent partner" when coupled with smaller surface electrodes like the CockCap, FlexProbe, and many other toys.

    The Overall Effect

    Most of the stimulation will be felt in the electrode with the smaller area (usually the one it is paired with). In the case of the CockCap, this makes for some amazing cockhead stim that cannot be duplicated by any other means. And this is but one possible application! You can pair the ECup with any other monopolar electrode you'd like, gel electrodes or our FlexProbe for example.

    Heavy Duty Construction

    First, the ECup is made of solid cast aluminum covered by a smooth leather exterior. This is Solid Aluminum -- not a painted or thin foil coating! This feature makes the ECup much more durable, with no annoying "hot spots" caused by sharp edges or poor coating adhesion. Next, the leather outer surface focuses all of the conductivity on the inner surface only, making it easy to handle and wear with no interference between your hands or other electrosex accessories worn on the cock, like our Conductive Rubber Loops and Coils or CockCap.

    This is a monopolar electrode and requires another toy in order to complete an output circuit.

    "Monopolar" = 1 electrode surface and 2 are needed to feel anything.

    • (1) ECup Solid Aluminum Electrode
    • (1) Neoprene Jock for ECup, Size XL
    • (1) ECup leadwire with 4mm banana jack
      The ECup is ready to connect to any of our Power Units – no adapters required. 


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